New Weapon Info and More Has Been Revealed for God Eater 3

In the latest Weekly Famitsu, new information was released for God Eater 3, including new weapon categories. The “Biting Edge” possesses both dual-wielding and mow-down forms. When in the mow-down state, stamina will not recover, but players will be given a wide range of attack. Players can also perform airborne attacks. Also shown was the “Raygun,” which is a radiation gun that powers up the longer it irradiates. It can be shot while moving, but the gun’s power resets when the player stops shooting.

Famitsu also revealed the “Accel Trigger,” which strengthens the player when certain conditions are met. Players can use Accel Trigger as many times as they want, as long as those conditions are met. “Engage” allows players to link up with one of their allies and share various effects. Players’ Engage percentage will increase by fighting within a certain range of their ally. It can then be activated when it reaches its maximum value. While Engage is activated, players can also share Accel Trigger effects with their ally.

New Aragami were also revealed. “Ash Region Species,” also known as the Aragami of Calamity, have developed a high adaptability to the Ash Region. These Aragami have a devour ability, can stimulate their own Oracle Cells, and can cause a phenomenon similar to a God Eater’s Burst. When one of these Aragami are devouring, Link Aid and Link Burst are not available.

This news comes soon after a new trailer was released. The trailer confirmed that God Eater 3 will be coming to PC and PlayStation 4. It was also announced that new information for the game would be coming to the West soon.

God Eater 3 currently has no release date in either Japan or the West.

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