Today, society is one step closer to a Super Smash Bros. movie. Nintendo has announced it is now the full owner of the former Dynamo Pictures, which has now been renamed to Nintendo Pictures. The official company website is live, and gives us our small details about where Nintendo is at with their adventure into multimedia entertainment.

The ‘About’ section can be translated via Google Translate, and puts the current number of employees at 105. Recruitment for new hires will begin in November,  contributing to the Nintendo Pictures goal of “video production of Nintendo IP”. This is incredibly vague, and could range from promotional animated shorts to entire theatrical movies or streaming series. Nintendo Pictures will also be providing motion capture services, which were also offered by the former Dynamo Pictures.

Nintendo Pictures and Dynamo Pictures logo
Nintendo Pictures is the acquired and renamed Dynamo Pictures, a Japanese production company.

Another bit of information can be found in the Nintendo Pictures representatives section, which lists Yoshiaki Koizumi as a director. Koizumi is known for his work at Nintendo on the Super Mario series, being the director of Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy, and a producer on a number of other Mario games.

Koizumi becoming a director on a Nintendo Pictures production would be pretty poetic. As a graduate of the Osaka University of Arts, Koizumi studied film and planned on becoming a film director. His career journey went in another direction after finding Nintendo and joining the gaming industry.

Yoshiaki Koizumi wearing a Mario inspired suit with a Cappy hat.
Yoshiaki Koizumi is known for his work as a director and producer on the Mario series.

We hopefully won’t have to wait much longer before we can find out what Nintendo Pictures has planned for the future. The first trailer for the untitled Super Mario movie releases this week, which will be Nintendo’s debut theatrical animation, in collaboration with Illumination.

What would your dream Nintendo series or movie be? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news.

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