Why No News On Metroid 4 or Pokemon RPG Was Revealed at Today’s Nintendo Direct

In a sit down with IGN, Nintendo explained why more info on Metroid Prime 4 and the future Pokémon RPG wasn’t presented at their Nintendo Direct presentation.

Bill Trinen, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Nintendo, explained that they wanted to focus on the near future, saving more info on further off games for future Nintendo Directs. He went on to say that “there was other stuff that we probably could have included” but that they wanted to “focus a little bit more on between now and early 2019.”

Trinen also stated that they have not stopped production of those games, but their main focus for this Direct was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Let’s Go Eevee/Let’s Go Pikachu. According to him, Nintendo wants to ”show stuff when we think it’s ready to show.”

Fans should not worry, though, as Nintendo does their Direct presentations several times a year, all with new information. They have already had a Direct Mini in January and a main Direct one main Direct on March 8 this year.

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