The mobile app Champions of the Continent, a spinoff of the Square Enix RPG Octopath Traveler, recently kicked off its first major event following its Western launch earlier this year. This event is a crossover with another Square Enix series, Bravely Default, and features new summonable travelers including Agnes Oblige and Edea Lee from Bravely Default and Adelle Ein from Bravely Default 2. In addition, players can receive Elvis Lesley from Bravely Default 2 as a free character. He is a powerful Scholar with access to lightning magic and the ability to analyze enemies’ weaknesses.

Unlocking Elvis and adding him to your band must be done during the ongoing Bravely Default collaboration event, which will conclude on November 1, 2022. However, once you have done this, you can level him up and increase his class rank at your leisure. Elvis starts out as a 3-star character but can be made into a 5-star character by completing in-game tasks and harvesting materials. This guide will cover both how to unlock Elvis and add him to your party and how to acquire the necessary materials to increase his character rank.

Prerequisites for Unlocking Elvis


Before you can add Elvis to your party in Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent, you must progress in both the game’s main story and the Nameless Town side story. This is because certain areas in the Nameless Town need to be unlocked so Elvis can research the bizarre phenomenon that caused him to travel between worlds and end up in Orsterra. The following steps must be completed before you can begin Elvis’s story:

  • Complete the main story quest “Master of Fame: Chapter 1” to unlock the town Theatropolis, where you will meet Elvis.
  • Complete the quest “The Wandering Blacksmith” and have Kota the Smith move into the Nameless Town.
  • Enter the Tower of Remembrance (unlocked during Kota’s quest), climb the stairs to visit the Library, and talk to Isla the Cait Scholar to unlock the ability to read books in the Library.

Complete Elvis’s Traveler Story


Once you have completed the steps above, you will be able to start Elvis’s Traveler Story in Theatropolis. You must first complete the prologue of Elvis’s Traveler Story to add him to your band of travelers as a 3-star character. You should ideally complete this step as soon as possible because it will unlock areas where you can harvest materials for upgrading Elvis. The prologue of Elvis’s traveler story does not have a high-level requirement, but it does feature three battles: one against a Flatlands Frogking, one against Kota the Smith, and one against a Chomper, an enemy from the Bravely Default series making its debut in Champions of the Continent.

After Elvis’s Prologue is complete, he will join your party permanently as a 3-star traveler. You can then finish the other three chapters of his Traveler Story in your own time. Each of the three chapters of Elvis’s Traveler Story unlocks a new floor in the Hall of Heroes, a crossover-themed dungeon where monsters from the Bravely Default series appear. You will also unlock the ability to complete Otherworld Hunts, daily Hunt quests that also feature Bravely Default-themed enemies.

The first two chapters of Elvis’s Traveler Story can be completed shortly after acquiring Elvis, as he does not need to be upgraded to do so. However, in order to complete the third chapter of Elvis’s Traveler Story, you must first upgrade him to a 4-star character. To do this, you must collect Otherworld Heroite and exchange it for Otherworld Seals using the Exchange menu. Upgrading Elvis to a 4-star character requires 50 Hero Seals and 3 Magic Seals. Hero Seals cost 1,000 Heroite Fragments in the Exchange, while Magic Seals cost 5,000. As a heads up, it will likely take you several days to upgrade Elvis, as some of the tasks needed to earn Otherworld Heroite can only be completed once per day.

Tips for Getting Otherworld Heroite and Hero Seals


There are a number of ways that you can earn Otherworld Heroite and Hero Seals, which can be used for upgrading Elvis, increasing his level, and raising his stats via Awakening. Some Heroite and Hero Seals are given out naturally by completing the various chapters of Elvis’s Traveler Story, but most of them you will have to earn by completing various tasks. Here are the primary ways you can earn Otherworld Heroite and Hero Seals in Champions of the Continent:

  • Log in every day during the Bravely Default collaboration event to receive free presents including Otherworld Heroite.
  • Read Memoirs featuring Elvis, Adelle, and the other Bravely Default characters.
  • Level up Elvis and collect rewards via the Feat menu.
  • Collect rewards via the Feat menu for defeating Bravely Default crossover monsters such as Chompers, Minotaurs, and Rusalka.
  • Complete daily Otherworld Hunts. The higher your team’s Influence, the more Otherworld Heroite you will earn (Otherworld Hunts are completed using Order Forms, which refresh each morning. You can only hold up to seven Order Forms at a time, so make sure to complete Hunts regularly!)

If you complete these steps, you will be able to add Elvis to your team and make him into a powerful Scholar in no time! Elvis will be an extremely helpful Traveler that will be useful in completing all the new content that is regularly added to Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent.

Have you been enjoying the Bravely Default crossover event in Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent? Will you be pulling for Adelle, Agnes, or Edea? Has Elvis become a valuable member of your team? Comment below and let us know!

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17 days ago

I cannot get a hero magic seal in exchange as it says 0 available. what do I do? I already have 2 and need the 3rd one.