Outer Worlds Coming To Nintendo Switch in June

Obsidian Entertainment’s space-exploring, role-playing title will be making the journey to the Nintendo Switch this summer. Although its original planned release date of March 6, 2020 was delayed due to COVID-19 related difficulties, both the developer and publisher Private Division have been working hard to keep the lag short so that Switch owners can enjoy their game as soon as possible.

A spokesperson for Obsidian Entertainment has officially announced June 5 as The Outer Worlds’ updated Switch release date. It will receive both a physical and digital release.

In The Outer Worlds, players control a spaceship captain primarily referred to as “The Stranger” or “The Variable,” who becomes caught up in a struggle between mega-corporations over control of new colonies. It features multiple endings and a skill system including Science, Medical and Engineering.

The Outer Worlds was initially released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows on October 25, 2019, a full eight months prior to the updated Switch release. It sold over 2 million copies and received generally positive reviews. In particular, critics praised the game’s branching storyline and roster of recruitable non-player character companions.

The announcement of the updated release date also included information regarding a necessary Day One patch for the cartridge version, which will optimize the gameplay experience and implement higher resolution textures. The expected size of this patch is up to 6GB, so you should ensure that you have sufficient storage space on your Switch if you want to enjoy The Outer Worlds on its new release date.

Do you think the Switch release of The Outer Worlds will be worth the wait? What choices will you make as you journey through outer space? Let us know!

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