Persona 5 The Royal Coming to PS4

Following the report from last December that information about Persona 5 R would be revealed on March 23, Atlus has officially announced Persona 5 The Royal for the PlayStation 4. The upcoming game is related in some way to the previously released Persona 5. As of right now, we do not know if this is a remaster or another game entirely. It is also not specified if this game will be coming to the PS3 like Persona 5 did.

Atlus did not reveal much information about its new game. In the 30-second clip, an unknown female character is seen standing in the crowded Scramble Crossing in Shibuya, in the same way the Persona 5 protagonist did in his introduction clip.

The voiceover that plays during the clips is Goro Akechi asking (presumably) the new female character what she thinks of the Phantom Thieves. She replies that she thinks it’s wonderful that they’re helping people, but she doesn’t like them, stating that she doesn’t think what the Phantom Thieves are doing will actually change the world.

It’s unknown whether or not this new character is a new protagonist or merely an additional character added to the story, either as a party member or as one of the protagonist’s Confidants. Her reveal is very similar to the protagonist’s, but her opinion on the Phantom Thieves would be very strange for their leader to have.

The Persona Channel, Atlus’s official newswire for the franchise, the upcoming game is billed as an RPG.

At the end of the trailer, Atlus once again gives fans another date for when more information about Persona 5 The Royal is coming. This new date is April 24, the same date as a Persona concert being held in Japan.  It’s assumed that the new information will be revealed following the concert.

What do you think Persona 5 The Royal is going to be? And who do you think the new character is? Let us know in the comments below!