Pokémon Sword and Shield Gamescon Video Highlights Galar’s Towns

While the team behind Pokémon Sword and Shield could not be at Gamescon this year, they did reveal a bit of new information for the games through a trailer quietly uploaded to the Nintendo YouTube channel.

In this video, the developer showcases an unnamed town in the Galar region and takes us on a tour of it. This town has the research lab, where Professor Magnolia researches Dynamaxing.

Screenshotter AmessagefromGAMEFREAKsShigeruOhmoriPokmonSwordandPokmonShieldgamescom2019 1’08”

Through this tour, several new places are introduced. The first is the train station. Along with the Flying Taxi, people in Galar also traverse the region by train. No other details about the train service have been revealed, or if it will have any benefits or differences to traveling by the Flying Taxi.

Another place shown is the Pokémon Center, sporting a new design for this region. The building keeps its Poké Ball roof design and red coloration, while also featuring a more rustic-looking body. These Pokémon Centers also keep up the late-series tradition of having the Mart share a building with the Center.

Screenshotter AmessagefromGAMEFREAKsShigeruOhmoriPokmonSwordandPokmonShieldgamescom2019 1’36”

The final stop of the tour is the Boutique, where Trainers can buy new clothes. Like in Kalos and Alola, Boutiques are scattered around the region, with each store offering different clothing.

Pokémon Sword and Shield release November 15, 2019, for the Nintendo Switch.

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