Sony Looking To Create AI Companions Based On Player Actions

According to a recently filed patent, Sony is looking to create an AI-controlled companion that will change the way it behaves based on the decisions players make whilst playing video games. This is just one of the many patents Sony has been filing, including a patent for replay “trigger” points and downloading games in “chunks”.

As for what this AI-companion will be used for, the patent document seems to imply that these companions will act like NPC teammates for team focused games such as Call of Duty or the recently released Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. In the patent document it says that the AI model would keep track of player behavior and choices and build a local AI model around the data that the AI had collected. Unlike normal NPC’s, these AI companions will feature more “authentic” interactions and would be able to help players effectively.

This isn’t Sony’s first venture into the use of AI.  While it has yet to use AI to create assets such as artwork and voice acting, which remains an incredibly heated topic in their designated spheres, the company did file another patent in February 2023 which seems to be for an AI that would recommend music to players based on their previous choices. Unfortunately, we will have to wait and see if anything comes of these parents.

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