Spider-Man 2: How To Unlock Venom Powers

One of the main highlights of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the new Venom Powers that Peter can use. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to obtain these powerful abilities immediately and must progress through the game first. If you are curious about this topic, you can read this handy guide to learn more.

Spider-Man 2 Venom Powers Guide

You will unlock Venom Powers during the Good Men main mission. After completing the stealth section as MJ, you will control Peter and fight against a group of Hunters. Things quickly get out of hand, and Kraven stabs Spider-Man in the stomach.

Luckily, Harry is nearby, and the Symbiote voluntarily moves itself to Peter and heals him. Afterward, you will enter another fight where you can familiarize yourself with Venom Powers.

Spider Man 2 Venom Powers

The first skill you will unlock is the Symbiote Punch, which you can activate by pressing the L1 + Square buttons. Other abilities you can unlock from Peter’s Skill Tree include Symbiote Strike and Symbiote Yank. The last Venom Power you can unlock is the Symbiote Blast, which becomes available during the Stay Positive main mission.

You can also enter the Symbiote Surge mode by pressing the L3 + R3 buttons simultaneously. While in this state, you will greatly boost your damage power, and you can easily handle large enemies. Do note that you can only enter this mode once you fill up the Symbiote Surge Meter located in the top right corner.

Spider Man 2 Symbiote Surge

If you are playing on PS5, you may also want to grab the Surge silver trophy. You can obtain this achievement by using Symbiote Abilities 25 times while in the Symbiote Surge mode.

That is the end of our guide on how to unlock Venom Powers in Spider-Man 2. For more related content, you can check out the links below this post. I also recommend reading our guide on how to get more Hero Tokens since you need this rare currency to upgrade your Suit Techs and Gadgets.

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