The Pinball Arcade will finally be hitting the Wii U in early 2016

We have been waiting a while but finally after a long wait The Pinball Arcade has finally been given a release date for the Wii U. Way back in 2012 this game was first revealed for the system and since has remained in limbo, is it still happening? Well finally we know that the game is officially arriving on the system and will be arriving on the Wii U eShop in 2016. FarSight Studios revealed the news on their Facebook page and as long as all goes to plan The Pinball Arcade will arrive on the Wii U early 2016. Here is the comment made by the studio:

We know you won’t believe this one, but we are very proud to announce that the WiiU version of Pinball Arcade is coming soon! We are aiming for a very early 2016 release, so stay tuned!

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