Tokyo Game Show Goes Virtual

Last month, the Tokyo Game Show announced that they would be canceling the event in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, following similar cancellations of E3 and Gamescom.  Now, almost two months later, TGS has come out with the anticipated virtual event intended to provide a showcase for game publishers and developers.

The official announcement makes it clear that a lack of physical space isn’t going to stop the organizers from trying to connect gamers across the world.

TGS2020 ONLINE, the first-ever online event organized by TOKYO GAME SHOW, will provide opportunities for everyone to experience the fun and potential of cutting-edge technologies brought through games. The online world is a diverse space where people from all over the world can connect with each other beyond physical distance and time barriers in real time. Games have a possibility to cross the boundaries of games themselves and change our future in various fields. With the evolution of technology and the power of games, even more exciting future is just around the corner. Be the first to experience this joy.

You can expect so much more at TGS2020 ONLINE, the festival of games catching the eyes of the world.

Right now, TGS is calling for exhibitors (companies who would normally be showing off new titles) to take part in the event, though they have indicated a preference for console manufacturers and companies who have exhibited at TGS for at least five years previously.  Applications will be taken starting today and run through July 17. The TGS2020 Online page will be hosting streams and have a schedule prepared prior to the event, currently slated for September 24 through September 27.

In addition to the various presentations, round-table discussions and eSports tournaments will also be held, as well as the “Sense of Wonder Night” independent game developer showcase.  The final schedule has not been locked in just yet, but those who want to keep abreast of developments and mark their calendars can go to the TGS2020 Online site for further details.

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