Recently, the popular battle royale title Fortnite has featured a number of collaborations with popular titles and brands, ranging from other video games such as God of War and Halo to films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to even the National Football League. Publisher Epic Games has also worked with a number of celebrities to provide in-game live concerts and film viewings, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic when many players could not travel to events. Musicians who have performed in Fortnite include Travis Scott, Marshmello, Ariana Grande, and many more.

Now, Fortnite is teaming up with legendary hip-hop group The Wu-Tang Clan to create cosmetics and accessories inspired by the group’s signature look. The full list of items being added to the game includes:

  • Throwback BG Outfit, with matching WUWEAR Worldwide Back Bling and Neck Protector pickaxe, both of which come with Ruckus Red alternate style
  • B.R.I.T.E Outfit, with matching Wu-Tang Represent Back Bling and Triumphant Tagger pickaxe, both of which come with Ruckus Red alternate style
  • Shimmy Surface Glider, which comes with Ruckus Red alternate style
  • Wu Wrap
  • Wu-Tang Is Forever Emote, which involves characters putting their hands over their head to form the letter “W”

In addition to being purchasable individually, the Wu-Tang Clan cosmetics are available in two bundles. Some bonus items are exclusive to the bundles.

  • Wu Wear Bundle – includes Throwback BG Outfit, B.R.I.T.E Outfit, Wu-Tang Hands Emoticon, and Wu-Tang Style Loading Screen
  • Wu Wear Gear Bundle – includes Shimmy Surface Glider, Wu Wrap, Wu-Tang Is Forever Emote, Neck Protector pickaxe, Triumphant Tagger pickaxe, Wu Boom Box Spray, and Wu-Tang Clan Banner

These Wu-Tang Clan-themed cosmetics will be sold in the Fortnite in-game shop beginning on April 23, 2022 at 8PM ET. It has been confirmed that physical versions of some of the Wu-Tang x Fortnite clothing items are in development, but it has not yet been revealed when they will go on sale.

Do you plan on snagging any of the Wu Wear in Fortnite? Which piece is your favorite? Let us know!

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