A GTA 6 Police Chase Leaks Online

Once again, we’re back to report that a GTA 6 leak has surfaced online, as footage of a police chase is making the rounds. Development on GTA 6 was announced last year, and the studio were pushing ahead in production. However, following a massive leak that revealed early gameplay footage last September, the developers have been working tirelessly to remove the footage from the web. Sadly, dribs and drabs of gameplay slip under the radar.


Until the footage is taken down (after being uploaded on August 4), it can be viewed at the link below, as shared by the Grand Theft Auto VI Twitter account. From the visual evidence, the chase takes place in a downtown city street, not unlike Los Santos, the fictional setting for GTA V. The context of the footage is unknown, and we can only go by what we see in the clip. Police vehicles are flying through the air, and a glitchy, potentially playable character with a weapon judders in and out of view. 



In duration, the gameplay lasts around fifteen seconds, and could be connected to the main story, or may instead be part of a side mission. The gameplay does, however, appear fluid and detailed, and evidently captured during an early phase of production. According to ComicBook (as reported initially), the footage is genuine, and certainly looks it from what we see. Rockstar has yet to confirm when we will see GTA 6 but in a recent earnings call, Take-Two Interactive suggested that the sequel could be released in 2024. The studio were reportedly preparing themselves “for a significant inflection point in fiscal 2025.”


For more Rockstar news, Take-Two Interactive responded to the backlash facing the upcoming Red Dead Redemption port for the PS4 and Switch.

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1 month ago

They have new characters in this one or what gta 6

1 month ago

Looks like GTA, cops drive into trees without any assist.