Take-Two Hint At A 2024 Release Window For GTA 6

GTA 6 appears to be on track for a release date at some point in 2024, while Rockstar have naturally kept a tight lid on how the long-awaited next instalment in the crime saga is coming along. Development on the title was confirmed last year, and the studio were making strides in production, as evidenced by a massive leak that revealed early gameplay footage last September.


“We remain confident that we are positioning our business for a significant inflection point in fiscal 2025, which we believe will include new record levels of operating performance,” Strauss Zelnick explained in a conversation with GamesBeat. “We would like to thank all of our stakeholders for their continued support, and we look forward to delivering on this exciting next chapter.” 


Could that exciting new chapter concern the eventual release of GTA 6?, it does seem so. When asked if he could provide details on the above statement, Zelnick pitched with a question of his own. “Sorry, what kind of detail are you looking for?”


GTA V. (Pic: Rockstar).


“I guess the kind of details that you don’t like to share. Why are you confident that will be such a good year?,” the interviewer returned with, to which Zelnick said. “Our prior release schedule.”


The interviewer believes the company will “launch Grand Theft Auto VI by fiscal year 2025, and that’s what that confidence reflects. But Take-Two isn’t commenting on when that game will launch.”


Whether this is a subtle way to suggest that GTA 6 will be coming next year, it looks certain that Rockstar are gearing up for a new release soon. With Rockstar’s widely divided Red Dead Redemption port outsourced to a third-party developer and seemingly nothing else in the pipeline, GTA 6 might be arriving sooner than we think.

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