Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’s Ghost Is Unmasked

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II player has successfully revealed what Ghost looks like underneath his iconic skull mask – but the response to the results has been mixed, to say the least. Shared to the Modern Warfare II subreddit, one user captioned an image of Ghost’s appearance (real name Simon Riley), citing that he had a face model under the mask.

While Ghost’s identity remains concealed throughout the game, Samuel Roukin provided motion capture for the character. The model stands as a testament to the developer’s dedication to detail: Roukin’s appearance clearly reflects his video game counterpart, despite the fact that the character is never seen without his iconic mask.

So turns out Ghost has a face model under the mask. Surprise..(❁´◡`❁)
by u/Crafty-Astronomer905 in ModernWarfareII

This may not be the most newsworthy story you’ll read today, but it makes for a laugh as you scroll through the Reddit posts to read responses from the Call of Duty community. In Modern Warfare II, Soap questions Ghost on his appearance and asks him if he’s ugly, to which Simon replies “quite the opposite,” a quote now frequently referenced in the responses.

“That definitely looks like a Simon,” says one Reddit user, while another added that Riley’s face model “looks like a SAS soldier. So it is immersive.” One user even felt there were similarities between the face model and Todd Alquist from Breaking Bad (played by Jesse Plemons).

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II launched on Oct. 28 across all major platforms, including the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via and Steam. While you’re here, don’t miss our in-depth review of the recently released Modern Warfare II. Also let us know down below what you think of the Ghost face reveal! For more on all things Call of Duty, stay tuned right here at GameLuster.

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