RTX-Tacular! Nvidia Unveils Five New Ray-traced Minecraft Worlds

Last month saw the release of Minecraft with RTX Beta, a team effort between Nvidia, Microsoft and Mojang Studios which brought state-of-the-art ray-tracing effects to the popular wide-open sandbox game. Along with the release of RTX Beta, Nvidia also announced a pack of six worlds made by various Minecraft creators, all specifically designed to show off the capabilities of ray-tracing.

Now, Nvidia has revealed Creator Worlds Pack #2, featuring five all-new worlds which test and surpass the limits of what light, shadow, and texture can do. Each and every one of these new worlds promises a unique and exciting experience for players who visit it.

Hilltop Lifestyle is a Survival world designed by PearlescentMoon, who also contributed to the first Creator Worlds Pack. It challenges players to survive in a beautiful Italian-inspired hilltop village on a charming but isolated island.

Experienced Minecraft creators and modders, Feed the Beast, proudly present Egg Hunt, a mysterious cave filled with hidden secrets. Players can challenge themselves to find all of the hidden eggs in the shortest amount of time possible, or simply explore to find all the puzzles and tricks the cave has to offer.

Belgian YouTuber, Aurelian_Sama, focuses on light effects with the stunning Medieval. The idyllic village and forbidding ancient ruin start out bathed in the glorious rays of the setting sun – but, as the shadows lengthen and night sets in, danger awaits around every corner.

The Dark Village, created by streamer and modder Wyld, is set in an abandoned, overgrown village teeming with horrors out of every Minecraft player’s worst nightmare. Players are challenged to discover the secrets of the spooky, puzzle and shadow-filled underground realm lurking beneath the long-empty village.

Finally, streamer IAmSp00n traps players underground in the sinister world of The Observer, a sealed vault whose inhabitants have mysteriously disappeared. Mazes, puzzles and more lie in wait beneath the stark glare of harshly ray-traced lights.

All five maps in the Creator Worlds Pack #2 are available via the Minecraft Marketplace. In addition, the Minecraft with RTX Beta is still available to download from Nvidia’s official Web site. Happy exploring!

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