Dave The Diver: How To Get The “God Of Lightning” Secret Achievement

Deep sea adventure/management hybrid Dave the Diver is filled with achievements to unlock. As the titular Dave, players can explore a variety of areas, catch fish, defeat monsters, and serve up lots of delicious sushi. One of the trickiest achievements to unlock is God of Lightning, which requires finding a specific rare melee weapon – Thor’s legendary hammer Mjolnir – and using it to defeat at least one fish. This guide will cover how to add this difficult achievement to your total and help Dave the Diver become a legendary hero that controls the storm!

Important Preparation


In order to complete this objective, you need to fulfill a couple of prerequisites first. These are:

  • You must have unlocked access to the Glacial Area, as this is the only place in the game Mjolnir can be found
  • You must have upgraded your Diving Suit to the Cold-Resistant Suit to be able to dive in cold water without suffering damage
  • You must have upgraded your Dive Knife to at least Level 2 so that it can harvest minerals (or have found and equipped a Pickaxe mid-dive)

While the following steps are not required, they are highly recommended before searching for Mjolnir:

  • Upgrade your Oxygen Tank or bring bonus Oxygen Capsules, as Mjolnir’s location is fairly deep underwater
  • Bring a powerful Gun or Harpoon Gun, as the Glacier area is filled with aggressive sharks, eels, and narwhals
  • Upgrade your Diving Suit to the max level, as one of Mjolnir’s possible locations requires a fully enhanced suit to explore

Searching For Mjolnir


It is not guaranteed that Mjolnir will show up each time you dive into the Glacier Area in Dave the Diver. As with the majority of the game’s underwater maps, the Glacier Area changes shape and layout each time you dive. The block of ice where Mjolnir is hidden is a rare spawn and does not appear every time. It is likely that you will have to make several dives to find Mjolnir.

Mjolnir can appear in any of the following locations:

  • In the dead-end passage on the left side of the area (where the missing Beluga was found in an earlier quest)
  • On one of the three ice shelves sticking out from the right wall of the area
  • Inside the Third Glacial Cave, to the far right, next to (or replacing) the Aquamarine mining node

Each time you dive, you should check each of these locations thoroughly for Mjolnir’s ice block. When you find it, approach the block and use your Dive Knife on it. You will then be taken to a mini-game where you need to keep a crowbar steady and slowly move it to pry Mjolnir out of the ice. Luckily, you can restart this mini-game if you fail, so just keep trying until the legendary Thunder God’s hammer is yours to claim.

Claiming The God Of Lightning Achievement


Once you have equipped Mjolnir, you need to use it to kill a fish to claim the “God of Lightning” secret achievement. You must do this on the same dive where you acquired Mjolnir, as it will NOT stay with you when you leave the water (although you may be able to find it again on future dives, trapped in ice once more.)

Mjolnir replaces your Dive Knife and can be wielded using the B button on a controller or the left mouse button on a keyboard. It has a relatively short range, but you can charge it up by holding down the button to unleash a longer-range electric attack. The easiest fish to kill for the achievement are the small, non-aggressive ones living in the upper part of the Glacial Area. Some good options include Arctic Cod, Gelatinous Snailfish, Polar Eelpout, Ice Fish, or Haddock. Alternately, you can dive down to the Hydrothermal Vents and take out a Pikaia or Qingmendous.

Once you have unlocked the “God of Lightning” achievement, you can choose to conclude the dive at any time. However, you may wish to stay underwater as long as your Oxygen allows, as Mjolnir is a great option for taking down lots of fish in a short period of time. With the help of the God of Thunder’s hammer, you can return to Bancho Sushi with a full load of rare Glacial Area and Hydrothermal Vents fish!

Completing the “God of Lightning” achievement is just one of the many things you can do in the expansive world of Dave the Diver. Make sure to check out GameLuster’s other guides to learn how to upgrade your weapons, defeat the deadly Truck Hermit Crab, and more! Plus, comment below if there are any other Dave the Diver guides you’d like to see in the future.

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