Fall Guys Season 3 Will Add 7 New Courses, 30+ New Skins

The upcoming Winter Wonderland-themed season three of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was officially announced during last week’s broadcast of The Game Awards. The season begins tomorrow, December 15.

Developer Mediatonic has officially confirmed via their Twitter that the new season will feature seven new obstacle courses to compete in and over 30 new skins which characters can equip. The new courses will all be winter-themed, featuring greater amounts of slippery, icy surfaces and new obstacles including snowball cannons, giant boxing gloves hidden inside presents, and pinball-machine inspired flippers.

One new course, Tundra Run, was previewed by IGN. Mediatonic has described it as one of their most challenging courses to date. It includes climbing narrow hills while being pelted by snowballs and launching your character into mid-air using a series of flippers. When IGN tried out the course, they definitely found it as difficult as Mediatonic had promised – or is that “threatened?”

In addition to the new courses and obstacles, over 30 costumes will be added to the game. A few of these were shown off at The Game Awards, including an elf, a penguin, and a candle complete with a lit flame on top of the character’s head. Some will be able to be purchased in the in-game store using Crowns, which are primarily obtained by winning competitions. Four of the costumes can be obtained via the “Fame Pass” mechanic, which requires players to compete a high number of times, and awards points based on how far they progress each time.

So far, Mediatonic has shown off the “Dapper Walrus,” a multi-part costume which can be earned by progressing to the very highest levels of the Fame Pass system. True to its name, the costume features a tiny top hat and monocle which will make your Fall Guy the most adorable and high-class walrus around!

Are you ready to take on the challenge of Season 3 of Fall Guys? Which costume are you most excited to obtain? Let us know!


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