It might have had a very rocky start, but Fallout 76 has now hit 13.5 million registered players. The figure comes from Bethesda’s yearly Fallout 76 recap, where the company seeks to “celebrate our community’s accomplishments” by sharing the figures of what happened over the past year. This year, Appalachia is more populated than ever.

The massive 13.5 million players completed 5 million expedition missions, 9.4 million daily ops and have a total S.C.O.R.E. earned in excess of 200 billion. Players also spent just short of 50 billion caps at shops, and drank 127 million bottles of that sweet Nuka-Cola. There’s clearly an active community still engaging with and enjoying Fallout 76, despite its poor state and fan reception at launch.

Nuka World On Tour sign in Fallout 76
The response to Fallout 76’s launch was poor, but the game has earned back some fans.

Fallout 76 released back on 23 Oct. 2018, and fans were not happy with what they received. The special edition of the game was marketed with a canvas duffel bag, with customers complaining when they instead received a lower quality nylon bag. Bethesda brushed this off as a matter of lack of resources and took no action, and then offered a meagre $5 worth of in-game currency as compensation. In June 2019, the real canvas bag was delivered to all customers to resolve the issue. There were also issues with a data breach, performance problems and accusations of studio mismanagement.

Despite these significant issues, the game currently sits at ‘Mostly Positive’ on Steam from more than 40,000 reviews. Audiences praise the world design and exploration, but criticize its live-service elements of repetitive gameplay loops and online hackers. The game is currently running a ‘Holiday Scorched’ event, the winter update that brings Christmas gifts for players and new loot opportunities.

Are you one of Fallout 76‘s 13.5 million players? What have your experiences with the game been like? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news and upates.

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