Is John Rambo Set To Appear As An Operator In Warzone?

John Rambo could become an operator in Call Of Duty: Warzone. Sylvester Stallone’s action hero is widely regarded as one of Hollywood’s greatest action heroes of all time, and it’s a match made in heaven if the rumours circulating turn out to be true. We begin with the official Call of Duty Twitter page, which recently added a curious post onto its account, a fact sheet for somebody identifying as “SURVIVORJOHN#1009062.” 

The tag alone isn’t enough to support the theory that Rambo will soon make his entrance into the battle royale, but some other statistics might prove otherwise. For example (courtesy of Charlie Intel), Survivor John has five wins across five games, the exact number of movies in the Rambo franchise. Curious.

The fact sheet further indicates Survivor John has clocked up seven hours of gameplay. These seven hours account for the complete run time of all movies, while Survivor John’s impressive 552 kills is the very number of people Rambo has killed from 1982’s First Blood to 2019’s Last Blood

It means that Survivor John is wiping out more than a hundred players in each game. Plus, most intriguing of all, the Call of Duty Twitter account responded to a Twitter user, Jay Lacambra, if whether or not the 80s themed Warzone season would feature any action heroes from the same time period. The official response from the COD account neither confirms nor denies, so anything’s possible. 

Plus, it wouldn’t be a surprise if John Rambo was set to drop into the new map, after Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Billy from the Saw franchise were introduced last October as part of the Haunting of Verdansk event. Meanwhile, according to a prominent industry leaker, Activision appears to be implementing a “recovery road map” for this year’s Call Of Duty 2021 title, with fears mounting that the new title will not perform well commercially.

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