A Left 4 Dead 2 Universe With Jelly Bean Zombies

Question – and I’m sure it’s one that’s been burning on all of our minds a long time – what would happen if the Fall Guys jelly beans were actually ravenous zombies found within the apocalyptic world of Left 4 Dead 2?

Right. Because I’m sure we’ve all been thinking about that since we’d learned last week that the beans were actually the size of an average human being, and their internal anatomy was a contorted human skeleton with protruding eye sockets.

Anyway, back to that first part, Left 4 Dead 2 modders have made some alterations to Valve’s in-game universe. Replacing the undead hordes of the once-living, are the squealing, wobbling jelly beans from Fall Guys, and our heroes are Lifeline, Mirage, and Gibraltar from Apex Legends. It’s like a very strange dream. 

Then there’s the choice of weaponry. The crowbar is swapped out for a Minecraft pickaxe, and in a second clip, the player takes on the beans with a lightsaber. Bet you’d never thought you’d read that in a sentence, did you? In short, the end results are rather hilarious, and you probably find yourself wishing that you didn’t need to kill the huggable little jelly beans, no matter if they want to devour you alive.

That being said, if they really are six feet tall, and there’s a lot of them, you’d probably need to.

You can watch the… interesting clip yourself below.

Back to the actual Fall Guys – in mid-September, the midseason patch update went live. Mediatonic’s senior developer, Anthony Pepper, explained that “all is not what it seems in The Blunderdome.”

The update has given the studio an opportunity to revitalize the game’s maps, with particular changes found in Gate Crash, Hit Parade, Fall Ball, and See-Saw, and the introduction of “dozens of obstacles, random rotations and, of course, plenty of tumbling fruit.”

Fall Guys is available on PC and PlayStation 4.

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