Master Detective Archives: Rain Code: All Desuhiko Thunderbolt Memory Shard Locations

Master Detective Desuhiko Thunderbolt wants to be a star, and he won’t let you forget it! Throughout Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, players can collect Gold Memory Shards to unlock conversations and learn more about Desuhiko’s goals, history, and personality. This guide will help you locate all five of Desuhiko’s Memory Shards and view all of his Gumshoe Gab conversations in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code.

Shard #1: Let’s Meet In Front Of The Fountain


Unlike the other Master Detectives, the first of Desuhiko’s Gold Memory Fragments cannot be found until Chapter 2. The first shard is located next to the outdoor fountain in the courtyard in front of Aetheria Academy.

Shard #2: A Shattered Home


At the beginning of Chapter 3, the Master Detectives’ submarine home is destroyed by angry Peacekeepers. Once you can leave Kanai Tower and again access the world map, return to the Riverbank to find a Desuhiko Memory Shard buried beneath a pile of rubble.

Shard #3: Secret Peek


Inside the Resistance Hideout in Chapter 3, there is a bank of computers that the members use to observe Kanai Ward. Underneath one of these computers is a Memory Shard for Desuhiko Thunderbolt. To find these computers, you need to walk past the dividing wall in the main hideout area, as they are tucked away in a somewhat hidden nook.

Shard #4: Patrolling


When Yuma attempts to infiltrate the Amaterasu Corporation Lab in Chapter 4, he is almost immediately caught and locked inside the Security Room. On a chair in this room is Desuhiko’s fourth Memory Shard. You MUST pick up this shard now, as you are NOT able to return to this location later!

Shard #5: Going Home Cuz I’m Scared…


As with the other Master Detectives, Desuhiko’s final Memory Shard cannot be obtained until Chapter 5. The first place Yuma gets to investigate in Chapter 5 is the Dilapidated Shack. Desuhiko’s Shard is on a shelf directly to Yuma’s left as soon as you are allowed to explore the Shack. Although you can return to the Shack later in the chapter, you should pick it up right away so you don’t forget!

With all five Gold Memory Shards in your possession, you can view all of Desuhiko’s Gumshoe Gab conversations and learn more about the disguise-loving Master Detective with the huge personality! If you’re looking to solve the many other puzzles found throughout Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, make sure to check out GameLuster’s guides covering Mystery Labyrinths, Memory Shards, and much more.

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