Master Detective Archives: Rain Code: Best Skills

Skills in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code are used to make the game’s tricky Mystery Labyrinths slightly easier for players to navigate. Depending on the skills you choose, you can focus on boosting your Stamina, lowering the difficulty of specific mini-games, or choosing a balanced spread for a well-rounded character. With so many skills to choose from, and the Skill Points (SP) needed to buy them being a limited resource, it can be hard to choose just which skills to purchase and equip. This guide features GameLuster’s suggestions for the best skills to unlock right away in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code.

Repel Revelation

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This skill costs 1 SP to unlock and affects Reasoning Death Matches.

Although it’s a cheap skill that you can easily acquire early in the game, Repel Revelation is extremely valuable. When fighting Peacekeepers and Culprits during Reasoning Death Matches, Yuma will sometimes have to Repel colored statements featuring contradictions. True contradictions will be mixed in with red herrings (or, well, “blue herrings,” based on the text color…) Equipping this skill decreases the number of false statements that will appear during Repel sequences, allowing you to find the true contradiction more easily.

Last Resort 1 & 2

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Last Resort 1 costs 3 SP, while Last Resort 2 costs 4 SP. Both affect Reasoning Death Matches.

Another element of Reasoning Death Matches involves using the correct Solution Blade to strike down your opponent’s incorrect statements. Solution Blades are formed by choosing the proper Solution Keys from the many clues gathered throughout your investigation. Several Solution Keys will appear, and you will have to select the correct one. Attacking an opponent with the wrong statement will cause your attacks to bounce off them and decrease Yuma’s stamina, so it’s very important to choose the right one.

Last Resort 1 decreases the amount of incorrect Solution Keys by one during each Reasoning Death Match. It can also be upgraded into Last Resort 2, which removes two incorrect Keys instead. This makes choosing the right key to take down your Mystery Phantom opponent much easier!

Summer Fireworks 1 & 2

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Summer Fireworks 1 costs 3 SP, while Summer Fireworks 2 costs 4 SP. Both affect Shinigami Puzzles.

The Shinigami Puzzle sequences involve players having to spell a word or phrase letter by letter. The letters appear on a rotating barrel with Shinigami inside. In each puzzle, there are several false letters mixed in with the correct ones. Equipping Summer Fireworks breaks some of the incorrect letters appearing on the barrel during Shinigami Puzzle. The upgraded version of this skill, Summer Fireworks 2, breaks even more wrong letters. This skill makes it much easier to solve these Puzzles, which feature a short time limit and can be quite tricky!

Endless Summer

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Endless Summer costs 1 SP and affects Shinigami Puzzles

Another cheap skill that can easily be acquired early in the game, Endless Summer is a necessity when it comes to solving the letter-based Shinigami Puzzles. Selecting the letters in the correct order to form a word or phrase can be quite difficult, as Shinigami’s barrel is spinning rapidly the entire time. Plus, you only have around a minute or two to solve each puzzle. Endless Summer makes things easier by slowing down the rotation of Shinigami’s barrel, giving you more time to choose the right letters!

Keymeister 1 & 2

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Keymeister 1 costs 1 SP, while Keymeister 2 costs 3 SP. Both affect Solution Key Selection.

In addition to the many mini-games and puzzles populating each Mystery Labyrinth, there are also several straightforward questions. In these multiple choice questions, you will have to choose the proper Solution Key from several options. As each investigation is quite complex and wide-spanning, there are lots of clues to choose from, and several red herrings will be included in each selection.

If you’re having trouble finding the right Solution Key when answering these “key” questions, you can equip one of the Keymeister skills. Keymeister 1 will cause one less incorrect Solution Key to appear, while Keymeister 2 will remove two incorrect Solution Keys. (Keep in mind that due to the layout of the Skill Tree, you must purchase the skill Midsummer Night Feed 2 before you can access Keymeister 2, although you are not required to equip it.)

With the help of these skills, you will be able to make your way through the Mystery Labyrinths of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code with ease. However, if you still need some more help, you can check out GameLuster’s guides to solve every Mystery Labyrinth in the game. Alternately, if you need more Detective Points to purchase skills, you can use the guides for completing Requests or collecting Memory Shards in each chapter of the game!

What are your favorite skills to use in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code? Do you agree with these choices, or are there other skills that you think should be included in this guide? Comment below and let us know!

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