New Images Tease What’s To Come In The Uncharted Film

New images from the upcoming Uncharted movie have been released, hinting at the the story we can expect to see when it finally hits theaters.

“A new year. A new adventure awaits,” the Twitter post is captioned. While the four promotional shots themselves offer little information on the movie adaptation’s plot, in one image we see a golden cross encrusted with what might be rubies, laid on top of a map. The same cross is later used as a key. 

The third image depicts a cobwebbed statue, and by the looks of things, some sort of ancient treasure in the background, while the last image is an unfurled scroll depicting a map of the world. Initial impressions from these stills alone suggest some type of connection to Uncharted: A Drake’s Fortune, or that the film has in some way drawn inspiration from Nathan Drake’s first outing. 

It’s hard to discern any larger clues from these stills, so what we’re really hoping for now is a trailer. As reported last September, a couple of shots were released of Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg suited and booted on a glam set, with speculation suggesting a connection to the heist sequence in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. These new images however suggest it will draw inspiration from multiple periods of Nathan Drake’s life.

The Uncharted film wrapped filming in October 2020, following long periods of development hell since it’s conception in 2008. The arrival and departure of six directors, as well as the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic have been the biggest issues for the production. 

Starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, he’ll be joined by Mark Wahlberg as Drake’s trusted mentor Victor Sullivan. Sophie Ali, Tati Gabrielle, and Antoni Banderas are also appearing in an undisclosed role.

With all fingers and toes crossed, the Uncharted film is due to debut in cinemas from July 16, 2021, but with all things corona-related right now, the release date may be subject to later change. 

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