New PawnTakesPawn Site Clues Support Cold War Call Of Duty

As reported yesterday, the website provided the first clues toward the next Call Of Duty title. A partnership between Treyarch and Raven Software, the long-awaited game with a connection to the Cold War era, is due for the end of the year. The link shows a post-it note stuck to the corner edge of a television. The post-it note reads “/tangledweb.” This then leads you to a new link,

This page provides a cryptic message on a piece of paper. In one line of the message, there’s an implication that the reader has “found the first piece of many.” It adds: “Relish the journey. It’s all part of the game.”

The message concludes with a familiar phrase, warning players to “Know Your History.” Plus, with this being the second consecutive day of teasers from the studio, one has to wonder what’s coming next, and more importantly, where this is all heading.

Now, the PawnTakesPawn website has been updated. A post-it in the corner of the same television this time reads “/tangledweb/emc2”. The television can play various news broadcasts of John F. Kennedy, supporting the Cold War theory for the next game. 

Charlie Intel posted the latest image to social media, seen below. A piece of paper reads two lines: “8/14 – Day One: 1961-62”, and “8/15 – Day Two:”, with the remaining five lines redacted in black.

The phrase ‘Know Your History’ has surfaced before, as Warzone players recently found their screens interrupted, mid-game by static, and the words “Know Your History” flickering on screen.

The meaning behind the mysterious message remains unknown, but a prevailing theory is that it shares a connection in some way to the Cold War/Black Ops theme for the next game. These ominous messages are certainly catching people off-guard, and it would be surprising if they weren’t hinting towards the next Call Of Duty.

On the subject of a release date, shoutcaster Chris Puckett recently appeared to suggest that Treyarch would release the new game by November 2020.  

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