Persona 3 Reload: Hidetoshi Odagiri Social Link Guide (Emperor Arcana)

Hidetoshi Odagiri is the student supervising the Disciplinary Committee at Gekkoukan High School. He represents Emperor Arcana, and you can hang out with him every day except during weekends and holidays. In this Persona 3 Reload guide, we will explain the best dialogue choices you can take during all Hidetoshi Social Link events. 

All Hidetoshi Odagiri (Emperor) Social Link Dialogue Choices In Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reload Hidetoshi Odagiri

You can start Emperor Social Link on April 27 by joining the Student Council. Mitsuru will approach you at school and ask you to speak with Ms. Toriumi in the Faculty Room to become a Student Council member. Joining this club will also unlock Chihiro Fushimi Socia Link, but you will need to talk to the Treasurer three times.

Rank 2

Hidetoshi: Some students feel the school uniform should be abolished, and they’re recruiting supporters…

  • They’ve got a point.
  • Sounds like nonsense. (+2)

Rank 3

Student Council member: What!? You can’t decide something like that without talking to the president first.

  • What happened? (+1)
  • No need to fight. (+2)

Rank 4

Protagonist: It looks like the punk is going to hit Hidetoshi.

  • Knock it off!

Hidetoshi: What is it? Did you need something from me?

  • You went a little overboard.
  • Looks like you’re hard at work. (+2)

Rank 5

Hidetoshi: …Bunch of Neanderthals

  • They’re the worst. (+2)
  • You shouldn’t accuse everyone.

Rank 6

Hidetoshi: It’s actually kind of nice not having those hyenas around.

  • You’re not going home yet?
  • Hyenas?

Hidetoshi: …As you can see, the meeting’s over, so you can leave if you want.

  • But I just got here… (+2)
  • Maybe I should stick around. (+2)

Rank 7

Hidetoshi: …About the smoker’s punishment, that is.

  • It seems reasonable.
  • It seems too harsh. (+2)

Rank 8

Hidetoshi: …So, you heard all that.

  • It wasn’t me. (+2)
  • You came to my defense? (+1)

Rank 9

Hidetoshi: I rambled on about rules and fairness, but all I really proved was that I was desperate for power.

  • Don’t blame yourself. (+2)
  • Good thing you noticed.

Rank 10

Hidetoshi: Um… How’d I do?

  • So-so. (+2)
  • Not bad. (+1)

Hidetoshi: Here, I want you to have this.

  • I’ll hang on to it. (+2)
  • I guess I’ll take it. (+2)

That’s the end of our guide on Hidetoshi Odagiri (Emperor) Social Link. For more P3R content, you can check out our post on Maya (Hermit) Social Link.

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