Big changes are happening in the online casinos industry which is going through a technological inversion as decentralized blockchain technology replaces centralized software running games. For the last 10 years, blockchain developers have been creating new concepts designed around what a player is looking for when gambling online in 2021. Below are the top things that gamers’ online casinos provide.

#1 – Trust

The main factor that gamblers consider before joining and gambling at an online casino is can that platform be trusted. Sadly, even in 2021, there are far too many online casinos that are scamming players out of their money. Some carry out outright fraud, others refuse to payout, others have no license, etc,

These are all big worries of gamers which is what blockchain developers have been working on to solve the present failings in trust. One of the problems they are addressing is that centralization enables operators to manipulate results. By using the blockchain it means that each transaction has to be verified by multiple blocks giving 100% accurate results that can not be modified in any way.

#2 – Does It Accept Cryptocurrency

The start of 2021 has seen a massive boom in the crypto market with bitcoin reaching record highs of over $30,000. The demand for gambling platforms that accept cryptocurrencies has never been so high. It is generating billions and is becoming a vital part of gambling due to its almost zero fees and short timescale transactions.

#3 – Free Bonus Offers

One of the most popular past-time of avid gamblers in 2021 is finding free bonus offers or large promotions they can take advantage of. There are thousands of these offers and it takes a long time to go through the terms and conditions to find ones worthwhile. This is one of the most popular gambling strategies that players will take advantage of all year long due to the vast competition in the industry to attract new players.

#4 – Are There Progressive Jackpots Available

Progressive jackpots are accumulated funds from players gambling on set games. The most common types are slot progressive jackpots and they are widely played around the world. If a player wins this jackpot it is similar to winning the national lottery as the sums can be in the millions. There are millions of players searching for these in 2021 so if a casino does not provide this, they will miss out on lots of gamblers taking part.


Final Thoughts

Gamblers are more intelligent than ever before thanks to the vast amounts of information about gambling online. It does not stop countless players from getting scammed but blockchain technology has been introduced into the industry to help prevent this. Blockchains along with cryptocurrencies are going to play a large role in shaping the future of casino gambling.

The next generation prefers to gamble against other players of console games as that is what they were brought up in, so expect esports to continue rising in 2021. It will also become more popular due to many people this year having to experience another lockdown for months.


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