Fall Guys Season 2 Launches October 8

Mediatonic has announced that Fall Guys season two will launch on October 8. As a result, the developers confirmed via social media that season one would be coming to an end as soon as the new one begins.

Until the launch of the second season, Mediatonic announced that it would be doubling fame points, so it’s advised to jump on the game as soon as possible. Considering my awful form within Fall Guys, it’s probably best for me to do just that.

The first preview for season two of Fall Guys premiered during Gamescom Opening Night at the end of August. The season has adopted a fantasy theme regarding its cosmetics and modes. For costumes, the jelly beans can be dressed up as either a knight, witch, or a dragon.

As for the modes, footage from the showcase sees the jelly beans working together – or of course, sabotaging each other – with building blocks to scale a castle wall. There’s also a drawbridge level that involves jumping through hoops, much like the season one map in which you do the same thing.

Season two will further include updated customization options. Within the customizer tab, players will find the Interface, which will allow them to generate their own banner style, customize a nameplate with an icon and background, and create a nickname. They range from “Cool Bean”, “Good Egg”, “Follow Me”, and my particular favorite, “Rookie”.

On a rather different topic that still relates to the world of the popular battle-royale (sort of), Left 4 Dead 2 modders yesterday released short clips of Valve’s undead world infested with none other than Fall Guys’ jelly beans. While also Incorporating elements from Apex Legends, a Minecraft pickaxe, and a lightsaber, the modders are soon sweeping through hordes of squealing jelly beans with a lightsaber. 

Fall Guys is available on PC and PlayStation 4.

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