Sons Of The Forest: How To Find The Golden Armor (New Location)

To say there is a bunch of content in Sons of the Forest would be an understatement. Yes, it is too early to say just how much, since we are talking about an early-access game, and Endnight, the game’s developer, is putting out brand-new content regularly. So one can expect that things change from time to time, especially the locations of collectibles.

Today we will talk exactly about that! One of the many things introduced in Patch 02 for Sons of the Forest was a new cave system, making the world even more interconnected and frightening. And you know, empty caves, while realistic, can be very boring in a video game. So, for that reason, one of the most valuable items, the Golden Armor, has been moved into one of those caves. So, yeah, we will want to go there. This guide will cover how to find the Golden Armor’s new location in Sons of the Forest.

How To Find The Golden Armor In Sons Of The Forest

Sons of the Forest Golden Armor Cave Location

Spoiler alert: this will be a long trip. Thankfully, this cave is far from being a labyrinth, so all you have to do is to bring along the necessary items in your backpack. This includes the Rebreather, which will help you traverse some underwater passages, a Flashlight to not be driven insane by the pitched-black darkness, and a weapon to fight off some very creepy mutants. Then, go ahead and travel to the location marked on the map above. You will know you have arrived at the correct cave when you see two dead bodies wearing white clothes.

Once you enter the cave, swim down the water opening on the floor. You will get a wholesome view of some underwater corpses. Lovely. Anyway, continue moving towards the back of the cave, slide down a passage, and locate some golden canoes. Walk past them and rappel down a ledge with the ropes lying on the ground (alternately, you can jump!). Continue forward and stick to the right to find another body of water. Swim down again until you find a golden block as seen below, then turn left.

Sons of the Forest Golden Armor Golden Block

Once you emerge from the underwater passage, turn right and continue forward. Eventually, you will get to the Golden Armor, being used by a dead skeleton to give the whole journey an even more eerie feel. Yay! Unfortunately, you can’t bring the skeleton with you – just the armor.

Be sure to get rid of all the mutants you will find along the way, and you will be able to successfully get to arguably the best armor in Sons of the Forest. To get out of the cave, you will have to head to the torchlight near the Golden Armor and climb the rope you find. From there, it’s a straight shot out, so be sure to survive all the way to freedom and light again!

If you are looking for some awesome Sons of the Forest content, be sure to check out our Let’s Play over at the GameLuster YouTube channel! You can also check out more guides such as How to Defeat the Demon Boss or How to Craft a Turtle Shell Rain Collector in Sons of the Forest.

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