MAR10 Day: 10 Pandemic-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Mario Day

Today, March 10, is recognized among gamers as “Mario Day,” due to the abbreviation “MAR10” appearing similar to the name of everyone’s favorite plumber hero. In the past, this day has been used as a celebration of the Super Mario Bros. series, with new games being announced, others going on sale and, of course, parties being held thanks to series publisher Nintendo.

Unfortunately, Mario Day 2021 celebrations are going to be a little more understated than usual, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic preventing large in-person gatherings. However, there’s still plenty of pandemic-friendly ways to celebrate a day dedicated to your favorite plumber. Here’s ten of our favorites:

1. Play A Mario Game With Friends

The recently released Nintendo Switch remake of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury features online multiplayer, allowing you to enjoy some Mario-style platforming together with friends. Try to be the first to grab the Cat Bell and unlock the powerful (or is that meow-erful?) Cat Mario form. Alternately, limited time anniversary special Super Mario 35 lets you challenge others to classic Mario levels in a 35-person all-out brawl!

2. Play A Mario Game Alone

Even if you don’t own a Mario title with online multiplayer options, you can still have plenty of fun with Mario, Luigi, and their cast of friends and enemies. Why not re-start one of your classic favorites like Super Mario Sunshine or challenge yourself to a extra-difficult run of Super Mario Odyssey? Or, pull out one of the many games in which Mario and co. have starred in over the years – what better day than MAR10 to try out the plumber’s moves in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

3. Eat Some Delicious Italian Food


The very Italian Mario loves his pizza, spaghetti, and many other favorites from a country quite famous for its cuisine. On Mario’s special day, why not enjoy some Italian food of your own? Choose a social distancing friendly option such as curbside pickup, no-contact delivery, or even cooking your very own Mario-inspired feast at home! If you’re looking for ideas, why not something with mushrooms – these powerful little fungi are a recurring element in the Super Mario Bros. franchise.

4. Dress Up in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Recently, as part of Mario’s 35th anniversary celebration, a series of plumber-like outfits and Mushroom Kingdom-inspired decorations and furniture debuted for sale in Animal Crossing: New Horizonsin-game store. Throw a MAR10 Day Party on your island by adding Warp Pipes, Question Blocks and Coins to your outdoor spaces and dressing your Villager up as Mario, Luigi, Wario, or Princess Peach. You can even invite your friends to come to your island for the festivities!

5. Re-Watch The Super Mario Bros. Movie


The US-produced 1993 live action Super Mario Bros. film did not exactly become a mega-hit – today, it’s more of a cult classic remembered for questionable decisions such as making Bowser part-human or making Mario’s full name “Mario Mario.” However, it’s still a fun and enjoyable watch, and March 10 is the perfect day to revisit this unique film. Whether you’ve seen it once or one hundred times, you’ll find something to laugh at as Mario and Luigi face down the diabolical President Koopa.

6. Learn How To “Do the Mario”

The ending theme to the hybrid animated/live-action TV show The Super Mario Bros. Super Show taught players how to “Do the Mario,” a catchy dance inspired by the plumber’s classic movements. Watch the video and dance along with Lou Albano’s Mario as he teaches you each step until you, too, can “Do the Mario.” Don’t forget to sing along, too – everybody now – SWING YOUR ARMS FROM SIDE TO SIDE, COME ON, IT’S TIME TO GO! DO THE MARIO!

7. Turn Your House Into A Mario Kart Track


Another recent release celebrating the franchise’s 35th anniversary, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit takes the popular racing game series off the screen and into your home. Set up tracks using your couches, chairs, beds and even your pets as obstacles for Mario and Luigi’s karts to race through, and then see the results of your race appear in real time on the TV. That spare room you never use? The part of the closet that used to hold your “going outside” clothes? Turn them into the perfect race track instead!

8. Watch a DIY Plumbing Video

Although most fans think of Mario as a brave adventurer who’s always ready to defeat monsters and save the Princess, remember, this Mushroom Kingdom dweller is first and foremost a plumber. Celebrate his big day by watching some free online videos and teaching yourself how to repair a pipe or unclog a sink or toilet. Sure, it may not be as glamorous as taking down Bowser in an epic boss fight, but Mario would still be proud of you!

9. Play A Forgotten Mario Game

Mario Teaches Typing

Rather than starting your twentieth play-through of 3D World or Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, why not play one of the plumber’s more unique – and not always well-remembered – offerings? Brush up your keyboard skills with Mario Teaches Typing, jam out to Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix, or give Luigi a chance to shine in Mario Is Missing. With so many Mario games out there, odds are, you’ll find at least one you haven’t played – and might even discover a new favorite!

10. Catch Up On GameLuster’s Coverage Of All Things Mario

Top 10 Mario Characters 1

Finally, why not let GameLuster be your guide in a Mario-themed trip down memory lane? Explore why the series has endured for so many years, listen to a group of experts debate what role Mario might play on next-generation consoles, or check out which games we think need a rerelease sooner rather than later. Plus, don’t forget GameLuster’s quick and accurate news coverage of all Mario-related events and announcements.

How will YOU be celebrating MAR10 Day and honoring you favorite plumber while staying socially distant? Let us know!

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